Promotional Services, Inc. is a multi-line sales agency serving promotional products distributors in the state of Florida and Puerto Rico.

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BEL Promo:

ASI 39552, SAGE 362224, PPAI 67337.

Blue Generation:

ASI 40653, PPAI 190171, SAGE 62742. Logo ready apparel.


ASI 78135, SAGE 63910. Technology Products.

FGX Intl.:

ASI 46731, SAGE 64620. Branded Sunglasses.


ASI 62190, PPAI 111235, UPIC ILLINI, SAGE 50320.

Rainkist Umbrellas:

ASI 80490, PPAI 111110: UPIC Rainkist, SAGE 50246. World's largest umbrella manufacturer. Fashion, Compact, Golf.


ASI 46731, SAGE 64620. Seiko Watches & Clock.


ASI 91222, PPAI 564919, UPIC T564919, SAGE 69676. Hi Visibility Apparel.